Morrissey at The Shrine

3 Dec

A week ago  I saw Morrissey live for the third time. Seeing him live is unlike any other experience. There simply aren’t enough adequate words which can truly describe the emotional thrill I feel whenever I know I am going to get the chance to see him. Nothing else compares and in part it’s because his music has played such an integral part of my life since I was 12 years old. Through the good, the not so good and the downright bad and wonderful, his music has always accompanied me. There isn’t a single song or album I don’t have some memory etched onto, particularly The Smiths albums from my youth.

So, last Saturday I was very excited to see him at The Shrine Auditorium even though early in the week I had received an email from Ticketmaster informing me that due to the UCLA/USC game at the Coliseum they were expecting horrible traffic! Immediately I knew there was going to be no other option than to get there super early and Nicholas and I did. The show wasn’t going to begin until 8:00pm and we got there a little after 3:30pm but without any hassle at all! Typically, we get to concerts early to avoid parking and traffic madness but this was especially early for us. We were the third or fourth car in the parking lot but many fans were already lining up.

We parked and walked to a local Thai food restaurant  where we enjoyed a yummy early dinner . By the time we sat and began to eat the street was jam packed with cars! We were so glad we got there as early as we did.

When we finally started lining up to get ready to go into the theater a crazy fan (more than the average fan) started raising hell telling people she had to be the first one in line because she had been there since 2:30am the night before! Now, I love Morrissey as much as anyone who is a fan, but I love sleep even more! Going through security and getting inside the theater was more severe than going through security for any other concert I’ve ever been to. We finally got inside the theater at around 7:00pm and I ran straight to the merchandise table because I wanted to get a red tote bag that said Shoplifters of the World Unite and  a poster of him in a bathtub which is one of my favorite photos of him. I typically never buy merchandise at concerts but I really wanted these two things.

After buying my goodies we went to check out our seats which were great, we were in row 17 and much closer to the stage than I thought we would be!

The music that was playing when we got inside the theater were all Morrissey favorites: Nico, The Ramones, Bob and Marcia, Young the Giant, Nancy Sinatra (singing a cover of his song, Let Me Kiss You) and others. At around 8:00pm Kristeen Young took to the stage and while I am not particularly a fan I have to say that at one point something about her reminded me of one of my favorites, Kate Bush, and I enjoyed the rest of her performance after that. The audience, which tends to be a little rude to most of Morrissey’s opening acts was actually polite and nice. At least from where we were sitting no one jeered or behaved rudely. After she was done, Morrissey’s collage of videos of bands and writers he likes began and this is when the crowd always goes crazy because we all know he is only a few minutes away from taking the stage. At this point I was going bananas like everyone else and of course, Nicholas started laughing at me because he knew that within a few short minutes I was going to lose it beyond words! I have to hand  it to Morrissey, the man certainly has the art of creating anticipatory tension down to the T! The very last video of Lypsinka is the one that got us all going because we all knew he would go on stage right after that. From where we were I was able to catch a glimpse of him and the band before they made their way to the stage and I started screaming like crazy. The show began with a Smiths favorite,  I Want the One I Can’t Have and I went absolutely mad!

He also sang Meat is Murder and introduced it by saying it was a song called,”It’s Not Very Nice and You Shouldn’t Do It.” But the the absolute highlights for me were I Know It’s Over, which is probably my favorite song not just by The Smiths but by anyone ever, and Speedway. Prior to last Saturday I had always hoped I would hear I Know It’s Over  live and when the first few notes were played and he sang, “Oh, mother…” I started crying and couldn’t stop. To finally hear it live was simple wonderful!The crowd went nuts too.

It was followed by Speedway and I thought I was going to need emergency CPR! I had always wanted to hear that live!

The encore was Still Ill and well, just seeing so many fans make it on stage to hug him was the perfect end to a perfect night!

Set List:

I Want The One I Can’t Have / You’re The One For Me, Fatty / You Have Killed Me / When Last I Spoke To Carol / Black Cloud / Maladjusted / Alma Matters / Ouija Board, Ouija Board / Meat Is Murder / Satellite Of Love / I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Action Is My Middle Name / All The Lazy Dykes / People Are The Same Everywhere / I Know It’s Over / Speedway // Still Ill


One Response to “Morrissey at The Shrine”

  1. December 16, 2011 at 8:27 pm #

    Wow, great blog. The way you described how he played your favorite songs and the anticipation and the videos was great. I saw him when he came to Utah, he was great.

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