6 Dec

I saw Lars Von Trier’s Melancholia this past weekend and while I wasn’t wowed by it as a whole, I did love the opening sequence. The music, Richard Wagner’s prelude to his opera Tristan und Isolde, simply moved me so much and I couldn’t shake the feeling of sadness that came over me off until a short while after the story had really began. Opera typically moves me to the core, which is why I love it  so much, so to have that element at the beginning of the film was great. There were individual components of the film which I really liked particularly Charlotte Gainsbourg’s character Claire, and the cinematography, but overall, it just seemed to lack something which I can’t quite pinpoint. So, today, a few days after having seen it I can say both the opening sequence and the last few minutes of the film were very powerful to me, which I guess means to skip everything in between and just see those two segments on You Tube!


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