5 Aug

In my very first post this year (one of only two I have written) I said this year had started off very busy for me. I had a sneaking suspicion it would continue that way, and boy, was I right! The Mayans weren’t joking when they said 2012 would be an eventful year! Even the word busy doesn’t fully describe how the last eight months have been!

Work has been busier than ever and in addition to my work at the museum, I have also started doing  PR and marketing consulting work on the side. It was one of the professional goals I had set for this year and one which I will continue to expand  on. My ultimate goal is to work for myself and I hope I can achieve that in the next few years. I like autonomy and work best that way. Working for myself would be a fully realized goal.

On the personal front, I had hoped to move into a new place to live in this year and I did, a month ago, after I got engaged!

I couldn’t be happier! Nick and I have been together for nine years and making things even more official is beyond wonderful. We joke that we are no longer the “modern” couple we were up until a month ago when we still lived alone in our own apartments. It was a  living arrangement that worked nicely for us, but living with him is so great.

However, I have been overwhelmed with the physical aspect of the move, unpacking, arranging and organizing (we’re still getting our place in order).  Me being a  neat freak doesn’t help the cause and merging the belongings of two people in their 30s is no easy feat! That’s another blog post all unto itself.

Yet all these changes have been good and exciting. So, now in addition to my day job and consulting work, my recent move and still organizing, my engagement, and life’s daily stresses, I am also planning my wedding! Throughout my life things have always been like this, periods of little or no change and then everything happening all at once. Maybe it’s just simply the way the universe operates, who  knows, but it’s the way my life always seems to be.  I  do have to admit that I also feel the most productive when everything happens at once because there is so much that requires my attention, particularly the small details (which I can become quite obsessive about) that I feel I am accomplishing so much every minute of the day.

So, here’s to a life with a whole lot of new changes and planning the wedding I’ve always wanted!


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