Wedding Dress Nightmare.

16 Aug

Like the dedicated pinner that I am, soon after I got engaged I began my Pinterest wedding board.  However, I had not planned to actually start looking for my dress until about 8 or 9 months before the wedding. Yet, now I feel I have to begin the search because a couple of nights ago I woke up from a nightmare, a wedding dress nightmare, or rather, a nightmare due to lack of a dress!

In this nightmarish dream, it was the day of my wedding and I did not have a dress! So, there it was, the one day your dress matters more than ever and I did not have one to wear, literally. I called my mom to go shopping with me and we scoured store after store  and I could not find one I liked. I was looking for a simple dress but it was very difficult to find! At one point during our desperate search, I looked at the time and realized my wedding ceremony was about to begin and I still had not found anything. I woke up feeling anxious and told myself the hunt for my dress would begin that day.

So,  I have spent  the last few evenings looking at dresses on various sites and continuously find myself gravitating towards dresses like the ones above. I don’t like big, fluffy dresses, even as a little girl I didn’t like them. Comfort is also very important to me because I plan to dance a lot at my wedding and I want a dress I will also feel like me in. Unlike my stressful dream/nightmare, at least online, I have been able to find the styles I like.

I plan to start going into stores soon to try dresses on. I just hope that I don’t have any more panic-stricken dreams about finding one. Knowing me, I will find one, love it, buy it and then keep seeing more and question whether I got the right one or not, even though I may have loved what I bought. I hope I don’t get buyers remorse once I do. I  suppose I could always return it if that happens and continue the search! But that dream, will it come back if I return it?! I foresee my neurosis hitting an all time high about finding the perfect dress. Wish me luck!

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