A Bicycle Story.

21 Sep

Do you ride a bicycle? I don’t. After I learned to ride one when I was little, I had a bad accident. My childhood best friend and I crashed into each other head-on with our bikes, I fell to the ground and scraped my entire face. That was the end of my bicycle riding days. I was six and just a few months shy of my seventh birthday. I vowed I would never get on a bike again. I haven’t.

There are times when I would like to get on a bike and ride away, especially since I live in Southern California and by the beach, but I am afraid I have forgotten how to ride one and honestly, I am still  traumatized from that accident years ago! The idea of having to ride a bike next to cars, even if there are bike lanes, also makes me nervous. Bikes look so fragile! So, when I read this piece about  proposed elevated bike lanes in London (SkyCycle), it really made me feel that something like that here would make me want to hop on one again! Then I wondered exactly how high this elevation would actually be, I am afraid of heights! Maybe it’s simply not meant to be between bikes and me.

Have a good weekend and if your plans include riding a bicycle, have extra fun for me!

(Photo from Fastcoexist.com)


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