Monday Blues.

24 Sep

This really made me giggle the first time I saw it! As much as I like clothes and fashion, putting on my comfortable, “house” clothes, taking off my make-up and kicking off my heels is one of the best parts about going home! Yet, today I wish I could have stayed looking publicly unacceptable. I would’ve loved to have stayed in bed and  in my PJ’s all day. This past weekend was a very warm one, again, but it was also busy and very musical!

Nick had a performance on Friday (he makes experimental electronic music) and yesterday we went to the Hollywood Bowl where we saw Huun Huur Tu, an amazing Siberian acoustic quartet that absolutely blew my mind! They were great. Flying Lotus also performed, Nick is a fan of his and his set was also very good. Animal Collective was the headlining band and neither of us is particularly a big fan. Their music is okay but a bit too disjointed for my taste. We left the show in the middle of their set.

We also saw The Master this past weekend. Joaquin Phoenix’s performance is very good. I won’t say anything about the film, so as to not give anything away, but I was  impressed by his acting. I see an award nomination of some sort for him for this film.

There was a lot of escapism through music and by going to the movies this weekend which is always nice. However, the reality I can’t escape is that this is going to be an incredibly busy week at work. I am already counting down the days for this coming weekend and my return to the Bowl for another picnic and an 80s concert with The Go-Go’s, The Motels, Bow Wow Wow and The Psychedelic Furs!


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