Wedding Style.

25 Sep

Like most couples, Nick and I truly want our wedding to be a reflection of who we are. While we are both traditional in some ways, we are also pretty casual. I especially don’t  like big-to-do’s and while a wedding is a big-to-do by nature, we are going to try and keep it as simple as we possibly can. It needs to be simple because otherwise my anxiety level will reach an all time high and I will honestly not be able to deal with myself! We want to have fun and feel relaxed and  we also want our guests (we are only inviting our absolute closest family and friends) to feel the same.

So, when I saw this hipster wedding chart it made me laugh. While ours will definitely not be one (our invitations will be sent in the mail,  neither one of  us is a graphic designer and we will have champagne, wine and bottled beer) we are incorporating our own touches to it. For instance, I am not going to dance to  a slow song with my dad, we are going to dance to a rock song from the 60s, his era, because it’s what I learned to dance to with him when I was little.

The planning for our wedding and the personal touches we want to add remind me of this hilarious skit from Portlandia. It’s funny to me because regardless of whatever wedding style all of us who decide to marry go with,  all weddings are truly the same. They join two people’s lives together and except for couples who choose to elope, it’s a day shared with your closest and dearest family and friends where there is dancing, food, drinks and memories that will last a lifetime.

(Infograph via Refinery29)


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