10 Oct

I love heartbreak. While I don’t like going through it (who does?!) I do love the longing and sorrow of heartbreak in any art form. There is something about hearing and feeling that sadness through a song, a film, etc. that moves me, which is why I also love opera.

My own heartbreak has always been pathetic, yet, is there any other way for it to really be?! In the past, when I have been heartbroken, I have drowned my sadness with more of it by listening to my favorite sad songs and allowing myself to cry my eyes out. Somehow, enveloping myself in that much sorrow for a few consecutive days or weeks allowed me to get to the point where I became ready to fully snap out of it because I was so sick of my sorry self! I fully embrace and allow myself to feel every emotion I experience and sadness is no exception. So, when I read this study that says heartbreak is as painful as physical pain, I wasn’t surprised. Rejection by someone you love or care deeply about really hurts!

How do you deal with heartbreak? Do you listen to sad songs, reminisce about the happy times or do you drown your sorrow with alcohol or ice cream?

(Crazy by Patsy Cline, my go-to karaoke song!)


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