Wedding Dress…Check!

5 Nov

I found my wedding dress!! I went to the wedding dress shop with seven pictures of dresses that I had seen online on Saturday, although there was one out of all the seven which  I especially loved. I asked to try that one first and I was immediately sold on it! It looked and felt so great! Most importantly, I felt like me in it. I could not stop smiling and when I tried it on with a veil, I knew that was really the dress for me! I went ahead and tried on all the others just to assure myself I was making the right choice and that there wasn’t another dress I was missing out on. However, both the saleswoman and I knew that the first one was really it.

Everyone had told me that when you find the right dress, you know it and I was  lucky to know it instantly. Once I decided that I was taking the dress with me, and it hit me that I was actually about to buy my wedding dress, I was so happy and overcome with joy! It felt similar to when Nick proposed to me. I even wished the wedding would’ve taken place that very same day! I had always wanted a Vera Wang dress but never thought I’d actually be able to afford one. Fortunately for me, I found one, on sale, a great super sale, and totally within my budget!

P.S. That is not my dress but I think it’s lovely.

(Photo via


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