Domestic Life

27 Nov

As much as I like to see the pretty photos of food everyone posts nowadays, I prefer  to see a dinner table after people have eaten. I especially like to see my own post dinner table when  company has been over and the table is filled with empty plates and glasses and leftovers. I associate that with an enjoyable evening and it makes me feel good that I was able to entertain and spend time with people whose company I enjoy. That is the reason I really like the photos in Laura Letinsky’s  exhibition Still Life Photographs currently on view at the Denver Art Museum. She captures what I like, the everyday and then converts it into art. What about you, do you photograph your food before its eaten, the post dinner table after the food has been eaten or not at all?

(Image credit: Laura Letinsky, Untitled #38, 2001, Courtesy the Artist and Yancey Richardson Gallery via ArtInfo)


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