27 Dec


I have been insanely busy although I have missed posting  here. I finished working on a freelance project and at my work in the museum, I finished working on things I had pending and left things ready for when I return after the holiday break.  I was also mentally prepping myself for the Apocalypse that never came (wink) so I am glad that didn’t happen because I really wanted to give my loved ones the Christmas gifts I bought for them and am glad I was able to! Nick and I had a very lovely Christmas, if you celebrate, I hope you did too. We’ve taken care of lots of wedding related things as well over the last few weeks, and that makes me feel good and relieved because it will help me keep my sanity as the wedding date approaches.

Over the next few days I will continue spending time with family and friends and will try to enjoy my time off as much as possible because next year promises to be a very busy one, on all fronts, although I will try to be as Zen about it as much as I can! In the next few days I will also revamp the look of this space. I feel it needs a bit of sprucing up, so I hope you will check back soon!

(Image via Zara)


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