10 Jan


For the last few days I’ve been without a cell phone. The battery began dying a slow death a few days ago and when I took it to get looked at, I was told that the battery needed to be replaced. The friendly T-Mobile salesperson told me that it would be 1-3 days  before I received my new battery, but then I received an email informing me that I would actually receive  it until next Thursday!While that email nearly brought about about an anxiety attack, I calmed down and tried to think that maybe  it would be  nice to be disconnected .

Today, three days later, I must admit, I am enjoying this even more than I thought I would! Would you consider  getting rid of any of your gadgets? Do you ever simply disconnect? I try to on weekends but  unfortunately I am not always successful. I think at this point we’re all simply in too deep in our “technology loop” like the clip of Portlandia shows! But at the same time, if we try, just a little, we may begin to break the cycle…maybe.

(Cartoon via The New Yorker)


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