10 Most Romantic Works of Art

7 Feb

The Kiss by Gustav Klimt


Valentine’s Day is exactly a week away and Overstockart.com,the online art gallery, has announced this year’s 10 most popular romantic works of art. For the third year in a row, The Kiss by Gustav Klimt is number one. Other works include Star Dancer by Edgar Degas and Fulfillment (The Embrace) by Gustav Klimt as well. The list was compiled by tracking over three million views to the site’s Romantic Gallery and compiling the works that were most clicked on. The full list is below. Is your favorite work included?

1.  The Kiss, Gustav Klimt
2.   Star Dancer, Edgar Degas
3.   Summer Evening, Edward Hopper
4.   The Artist’s Wife, Egon Schiele
5.   When Will you Marry,” Paul Gauguin
6.   Dance in the City, Pierre-Auguste Renoir
7.  Yellow Daisies in a Bowl, Martin Johnson Heade
8.   Boating on the Seine, Pierre-Auguste Renoir
9.   Fulfillment (The Embrace),Gustav Klimt
10.  Street in Venice, John Singer Sargent

(Images  via Overstockart.com, from top to bottom: The Kiss, Gustav Klimt and Star Dancer, Edgar Degas)


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