Parisian State of Mind

25 Mar



Like many people, I love Paris. Out of all the places I’ve been fortunate to travel to, Paris is my favorite, hands down! For me, Paris is the epitome of everything I like,  and it’s the happy place I like to escape to in my mind when I need a mental break. For some, it’s the ocean or a relaxing scene somewhere else, but for me it’s Paris. Although for me, the ocean and the sound of  breaking waves is also great source of comfort and relaxation. But Paris, is in a class all its own and fills me with a joy no other city or place does, except for my own home and that of my parents. I simply love it. Over the last few weeks, I have been in need of a little R&R and I have been escaping to Paris, sans passport, in my mind quite frequently. I’ve been wandering its streets while eating chocolate.  I’ve been in a completely Parisian state of mind.

(Images from top to bottom via The Glitter Guide and Surrounded By Real Shit)


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