Does Pinterest Stress You Out?

10 May


Yesterday I read an article about how some women, particularly moms are beginning to feel inadequate as a result of  the all picture perfect images found on Pinterest  of  baked goods, homes and everything in between.  There are a multitude of lovely photos to look at on Pinterest that can serve as inspiration or simply be admired for aesthetic reasons. They should bring enjoyment rather than misery, yet I can understand why some women would feel that way.

In general, Pinterest and social media as a whole,  give  an unrealistic and often “cleaned up” peek into everyone’s lives. As women, we often tend to nitpick ourselves about a variety of things and I think a lot of moms especially, seek to be the perfect mother and wife who not only goes to work, but who goes home, bakes up a storm and also manages to have and upkeep a beautiful home.Yet, what social media often does is provide an unrealistic and often manufactured ideal. Up to a large extent, we all try to tell our story, whatever that is, in the loveliest way possible by leaving all the messy and not so pretty details out. However, no one should become distressed  over an unrealistic and manufactured ideal. The only standards we all have to live up to are the ones we set for ourselves based on our own personal abilities and ambitions. Comparing our lives to others, especially through photos, is both a waste of time and energy.

So, here’s to all of us for being the best we can be without comparing ourselves to others and if you’re a mom, have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

(Photo via Pinterest. I hope it makes you feel happy and relaxed.)


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