Hand Washing OCD

14 Jun


Are there any things that you are obsessive about? I could write all day about the myriad things I obsess about but you don’t have time to read all about them as much as I don’t have the time to write the endless list nor the inclination to expose my neurosis to such a large extent, although I am afraid by having just shared this much my neurosis has been fully exposed!

Yet, one thing I will share with you is that I am  SUPER obsessive about washing my hands. I am a bit of a germphobe as well as a bit or rather, a lot of a hypochondriac (it comes with being a Virgo) so it makes sense to me that I am as obsessive as I am about washing my hands. So, after I read this article regarding a study that showed people don’t wash their hands properly, it really made me want to run to the nearest sink and wash them for the one thousandth time today!

However, if the truth be know, I didn’t need to read a report to learn that  people generally aren’t good hand washers. I can’t imagine anyone being as obsessive as I am when it comes to washing their hands, which is why I wash mine so much! Anyhow, the correct way to wash them is by scrubbing your hands together for at least 20 seconds, and then rinsing them before drying. It’s not too complicated! I felt I would be doing my hand-washing obsessiveness a disservice if I didn’t share this, so there you have it, a public service announcement from me to you!


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