The Big Day is Almost Here!

5 Aug


Things have been pretty quiet here because I have been extremely busy at work as well as busy working on the very final stages of our wedding preparations. If I had to sum up this year in one word, thus far, it would be busy!  But finally after planning for a year, I am getting married in less than two weeks!

I am very excited and really looking forward to celebrating! However, I am also looking forward to not having to think about anything  wedding related any more! As  much as I have enjoyed the planning process and I really have,  between my job and all the wedding planning, I miss not having too much time for myself. I have to admit, that when we went to get our marriage license (I loved seeing same-sex couples getting theirs too!) a part of me wished we had simply been married there as well!

Yet,  the ceremony is the one thing I am looking forward to the most, although I keep fearing that I will trip or lose it  and become an emotional mess on my way to the altar! However, in the moments when I manage to stop worrying about my actual walk, I feel so happy to be marrying someone who understands me and my weirdness. ;)


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