Gray Hair

5 Dec

Kinfolk_Grace-of-Gray_K10_01-6I noticed my first gray hair at 27, right around the same time I was getting ready to complete my master’s degree, coincidence? I think not! Since then, gray strands of hair would show up sporadically and I would  pluck them out, I know, I know. However, years later I had to answer a question I’d been putting off for a long time, to dye or not to dye?!

‘So last year, for the first time in my entire life, I dyed my hair in order to cover the gray that had surfaced far too much for my liking and which I simply couldn’t continue to pluck. Sadly, I have more gray hair than my 60-something year old mom. I blame it on the genes my dad passed on to me, he started graying in his late 30s.

However, I must admit that I really don’t like dyeing my hair but I dislike the gray hair more! So when I saw the woman  in the photo above  along with others in the latest issue of Kinfolk embracing their gray, it made me wish I had the courage to go au naturel  with my gray hair. Maybe one day when I grow up, I will stop coloring it but for the time being the dyeing will continue… unfortunately! Do you color your hair to cover gray or just for fun?

(Photo by Neil Bedford via Kinfolk)


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