18 Mar

2014_Sleep_0I worked all weekend-long and had yesterday off which gave me the chance to sleep longer on our new bed which was delivered on Friday. I’ve always loved to sleep and virtually nothing ever keeps me up.  I also drift into dreamland quite easily. Even the earthquake we had yesterday didn’t manage to get me out of bed! If the truth be known, I was so tired and in such a slumber that I wasn’t sure it was even an earthquake at first. When I realized it was, I felt it slowing down and didn’t bother getting up and fell right back to sleep.

That’s the reason I like this graph so much, it shows you everything that our body goes through while we sleep. It’s a surprise that most of us actually feel well rested after we wake up, our bodies work hard! How many hours of sleep do you get each night? On weeknights I always get between 7.5 and 8 hours. On weekends, between 8 and10! I told you, I love to sleep!

(Image via Huffington Post)


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