Hello Monday!

14 Apr


Let’s face it, Mondays are a bit of a drag. While I am sure some people look forward to Mondays, I would dare to say that most don’t! I fall into that category. So, as a way to make Mondays a little more pleasant for us, I’ve decided to begin a feature  titled Hello Monday! I will give a tip or offer advice on ways to try and make our lives somewhat easier and productive. I hope this will give you a little something to look forward to every Monday morning!

This week, I’d like to suggest that you write down  the thing or things that you are looking forward to doing in the next couple of days. I find that if I write things down that I am excited about doing for the upcoming week, I actually look forward to the work week. This doesn’t mean that there may not be things I am not looking forward to as well, but the good things fuel and give me the energy to get through the weekdays!

So what are you looking forward to? I am looking forward to completing a work project, having Friday off and making it a “me” day and spending time with my  nephews this coming weekend. Try it and have a great week!

(Photo by me)


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