Everlane Loafers

6 Oct

everlaneloafer2everlane loafers


I started wearing high heels when I was sixteen years-old, although technically, that  first pair of “heels” at sixteen was more like a pair of pumps, but ever since then I have  liked wearing shoes with some type of heel. In my 20s, I took my love for heels to new heights, literally, and began wearing three to four and a half inch ones and I loved wearing them. However, I have lowered my heel preference to one to two inches (pretty much back to pumps) and the last time I wore four inch heels was last year for my wedding. Even though I am not really a fan of flats, I  am always on the lookout for for a stylish pair of loafers, and my search is finally over!

Last week Everlane introduced the Modern Loafer and I love the colors it comes in. These are exactly the type of loafers I have been looking for. The only thing I need to decide is which color I will get my pair in! Do you like loafers, if so, which are your favorite?

(Photos via Everlane)


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