Airplane Windows

23 Oct


I love traveling but I have a huge fear of flying. Although, I always say that my love for travel is greater than my fear of  flying! However, flying really does create a lot of anxiety in me and when I have plans to travel by plane, the angst begins to start creeping in little by little a few weeks before.

Almost as soon as I buy my tickets, I start practicing relaxation techniques by imagining myself on the plane! I also make sure to read as much information as possible  on the safety of planes versus other modes of transportation. While that works, at home, the minute I get on the plane my anxiety kicks in and everything I’ve read and practiced becomes irrelevant!

On the day I am going to travel, it is guaranteed that I will feel nauseous, guaranteed! This feeling continues at the airport and inside the plane. Once the plane begins  taxing on the runway, my palms, which never sweat, begin to get balmy and my heart begins to race. By the time the plane actually takes off, I am a total mess. I close my eyes, pray,  take deep breaths and hold on to a rosary one of my grandmothers gave me when I was a little girl. Eventually, I do calm down, a little bit, especially if there is no turbulence,but I always wish I was one of those people who  look happily out the window (by the way, I never sit by the window, I always have an aisle seat) or who fall asleep.I don’t do either, ever, not even on a transcontinental flight. I am simply never 100% comfortable on a plane.

So, when I saw these paintings by Jim Darling of airplane windows showing sceneries outside, it really made me wish I liked window seats. I imagine if I was one of those fearless flyers, I would look wistfully outside and daydream while not caring that the plane was 35,000 feet up in the air, even if there was turbulence.Maybe one day!

(Image credit: Jim Darling via Anthology Magazine)


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