A New Beginning

7 Jan


I think of every day as an opportunity for a new beginning, a clean slate of sorts, but the onset of a new year definitely makes that more poignant.  For me, that’s especially true this year since Christmas came wrapped in the form of a  new job. After a long time of working at an art museum and learning a lot, I felt it was time for new challenges, and I have accepted a post at a performing arts center here in Southern California. That’s the reason it has been pretty quiet here. I was wrapping up things at the museum while preparing for the holidays and then actually enjoying them with family and friends.

I will continue working in marketing and communications, and am very excited to embark on a new professional adventure! Although I will admit, while I am excited, I am also a little nervous. Every time I embark on something new I tend to get a little nervous but I think that’s  a good thing to feel, at least I think so now. When I was younger, change was very difficult for me, it was never a pleasant experience but I eventually learned to accept that change is the only real constant in life and embraced it along with whatever it brought with it, especially when it was a change I personally decided to make.

This change is one I had been wanting to make for some time but the right opportunity  had not presented itself, until now. It was simply time for something new, I wanted to  expand my career. When I was a teenager I always hoped to be involved in the arts somehow and I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to continue working in an industry I am passionate about. While I may be a little nervous, I am definitely more excited to learn new things.

I hope this year is filled with great new adventures for you, whether they come in the form of a new job or new discoveries about yourself!

(Photo by James Balston via Apartment Therapy as seen on Heart Home.)


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