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Architectural Ballet Photos

19 Jul


One of my clients is a ballet company, so I am somewhat immersed in the world of ballet, which isn’t a bad thing to be immersed in at all! As a result, I keep tabs on ballet related news and the other day, I came across this and other photos by Kyle Forman, former New York City Ballet corps de ballet dancer, who has turned into a photographer. His photos show various dancers from New York in different architectural settings, which is not the way most photographers photograph them and which makes Forman’s images unique and interesting to look at.

You can see more photos included in a video here, however,  if you’re in Massachusetts, you can see Forman’s exhibit, Bodies/Buildings at Jacob’s Pillow Dance.

(Photo by Kyle Forman via Vanity Fair)


Less is More

22 Apr

20140417-TINY-slide-ICB5-jumboI like simplicity in most things and I do believe that less is more, but I don’t know if I would be able to live in an 84 square foot home like Dee Williams, the woman featured in this New York Times article. After being diagnosed with congestive heart failure,  she decided to simplify her life by  selling her house, getting rid of most of her possessions and keeping only 305 things.

While I am a minimalist by nature and can often be found purging things out at home ( I can’t relax if there is clutter or too many things around)  this article truly inspired me to do even more purging as well as some  major spring cleaning. While I don’t think I will reach Williams’  state of simplification, I think my local Goodwill is going to be very pleased! Do you think you could simplify your life by giving away most of your possessions?

(Image by Stuart Isett for the New York Times)

The Eiffel Tower’s Birthday!

31 Mar

eiffel tower

The Eiffel Tower turns 125 years old today. Built by engineer Gustave Eiffel, the Eiffel Tower has become one of, if not the most iconic landmark in the world. To see all 1, 063 feet of  it in person is extraordinary and no matter if it’s your first time or not, it never seizes to take your breath away, or at least that is the effect it has on me every time! If you’d like, you can see more photos I took of the Eiffel Tower here and some Paris photos here and here from our trip there this past September.

(Photo by me.)

Pre-Fab Homes

17 Dec

1plusb1plusgWe are planning to move to a bigger place to live in early next year and although I really hate moving (does anyone actually enjoy it?) I do like searching for a new home each time I move and imagining how I will decorate. However, the idea of a pre-fab mobile house that you can take with you to a new location sounds pretty great too! Would you consider buying a pre-fab house?

(Images via Mobile Home Living)

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