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Fondation Louis Vuitton

23 Feb


fondation-entreprise-lvmh-2000x1100I was recently at LACMA and in addition to seeing The Sympathetic Imagination, I also saw the Frank Gehry exhibition which includes an incredible collection of architectural models of Gehry’s life’s work. Included was the model for Fondation Louis Vuitton , one of his most recent creations which opened its doors in Paris in 2014.

The Fondation is a museum dedicated to contemporary art and was funded by the LVHM Group which owns brands such as Celine, Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton, among others. I can’t wait to visit it the next time I am in Paris!

(First photo by me, second photo by Iwan Baan for Fondation Louis Vuitton.)


The Sympathetic Imagination

17 Feb

FullSizeRender 2

This past weekend I saw The Sympathetic Imagination  by Los Angeles-based artist Diana Thater. The exhibition is a survey of her film and video work. I’d read about it and had been wanting to see it and am so glad I finally did.

The LACMA website describes the works as, “…dynamic, immersive installations.” It goes on to say that they “challenge and invert accepted positions and realities through the deployment of color, movement, scale, and architecture.” It is an extremely accurate description. The colors and images make you feel fully immersed and as though you become one with them. I can’t recommend this exhibition enough.

If you live in LA or plan to  visit, go see it. It’s on view until April 17.Luckily for me, I am member  of the museum and can return again to see it as many times as I want before its run ends.

(Photo by me of Big Red Sun, 2000 by Diana Thater)

Architectural Ballet Photos

19 Jul


One of my clients is a ballet company, so I am somewhat immersed in the world of ballet, which isn’t a bad thing to be immersed in at all! As a result, I keep tabs on ballet related news and the other day, I came across this and other photos by Kyle Forman, former New York City Ballet corps de ballet dancer, who has turned into a photographer. His photos show various dancers from New York in different architectural settings, which is not the way most photographers photograph them and which makes Forman’s images unique and interesting to look at.

You can see more photos included in a video here, however,  if you’re in Massachusetts, you can see Forman’s exhibit, Bodies/Buildings at Jacob’s Pillow Dance.

(Photo by Kyle Forman via Vanity Fair)

Happy Thanksgiving!

27 Nov




Happy Day to all of you! I came across artist Hannah Rothstein’s interpretation of how different artists would prepare  Thanksgiving dinner, and I love what she did. I think I may ask my three year-old nephew if he wants to recreate the third photo, Jackson Pollack! If you want to be inspired to create your own work of art with today’s Thanksgiving meal, you can see more photos here.

(Photos by Hannah Rothstein. First: Mondrian, second: Picasso and third: Pollack)

Art Portraits Taking Selfies

11 Nov

museumofselfies1Have you seen the Museum of Selfies Tumblr? It was started by Danish art director Olivia Muus. She began the blog by taking photos of old painted portraits and placing her smartphone in front of them in the National Gallery in Denmark,  making it appear as though the portraits were taking selfies. Now, she is compiling a collection of photographs from other people and adding them to the blog. The phones really give a whole new perspective to the works.  I definitely think the next time I visit a museum I will do that too, with no flash, of course! You can see more photos and make your own submission here.

(Photo by Ny Carlsberg Glyptoktek via Museum of Selfies)

Miniature Art

30 Oct

tiny-9tiny-4Postcards for Ants is a project started by artist Lorraine Loots. She began creating daily miniature paintings in 2013. This year, Cape Town, where Loots is from, was named Capital Design of 2014 and all her paintings are  based on that city. I am amazed by the detail of such small works of art. She is making and selling five postcards for each painting she creates.You can see more paintings and purchase them  here.

(Photos via This is Colossal)

Airplane Windows

23 Oct


I love traveling but I have a huge fear of flying. Although, I always say that my love for travel is greater than my fear of  flying! However, flying really does create a lot of anxiety in me and when I have plans to travel by plane, the angst begins to start creeping in little by little a few weeks before.

Almost as soon as I buy my tickets, I start practicing relaxation techniques by imagining myself on the plane! I also make sure to read as much information as possible  on the safety of planes versus other modes of transportation. While that works, at home, the minute I get on the plane my anxiety kicks in and everything I’ve read and practiced becomes irrelevant!

On the day I am going to travel, it is guaranteed that I will feel nauseous, guaranteed! This feeling continues at the airport and inside the plane. Once the plane begins  taxing on the runway, my palms, which never sweat, begin to get balmy and my heart begins to race. By the time the plane actually takes off, I am a total mess. I close my eyes, pray,  take deep breaths and hold on to a rosary one of my grandmothers gave me when I was a little girl. Eventually, I do calm down, a little bit, especially if there is no turbulence,but I always wish I was one of those people who  look happily out the window (by the way, I never sit by the window, I always have an aisle seat) or who fall asleep.I don’t do either, ever, not even on a transcontinental flight. I am simply never 100% comfortable on a plane.

So, when I saw these paintings by Jim Darling of airplane windows showing sceneries outside, it really made me wish I liked window seats. I imagine if I was one of those fearless flyers, I would look wistfully outside and daydream while not caring that the plane was 35,000 feet up in the air, even if there was turbulence.Maybe one day!

(Image credit: Jim Darling via Anthology Magazine)

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