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The Sympathetic Imagination

17 Feb

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This past weekend I saw The Sympathetic Imagination  by Los Angeles-based artist Diana Thater. The exhibition is a survey of her film and video work. I’d read about it and had been wanting to see it and am so glad I finally did.

The LACMA website describes the works as, “…dynamic, immersive installations.” It goes on to say that they “challenge and invert accepted positions and realities through the deployment of color, movement, scale, and architecture.” It is an extremely accurate description. The colors and images make you feel fully immersed and as though you become one with them. I can’t recommend this exhibition enough.

If you live in LA or plan to  visit, go see it. It’s on view until April 17.Luckily for me, I am member  of the museum and can return again to see it as many times as I want before its run ends.

(Photo by me of Big Red Sun, 2000 by Diana Thater)


COS in Los Angeles

30 Oct


I discovered COS when I was in Paris last year. I was happy to discover it but sad that there wasn’t a store here in the U.S. Although, now there is one in New York and another is opening today, here in Los Angeles! So, if you live locally go check it out  and do some shopping! The store is located at 357 North Beverly Drive and the opening festivities begin at 12:00pm.

The Springs

17 Oct


What are you doing this weekend? Tomorrow Nick and me are planning to attend the grand opening of The Springs, a new space located in Downtown Los Angeles that describes itself as an “…urban oasis cultivating health, wellness, sustainability and community.” It offers food, holistic treatments and yoga. I think everything they will offer is great but I especially like  their menu .

(Photos via The Spings)

The Artist’s Studio

9 Jul

Picture 042Picture 001Picture 024Picture 022Picture 023

This past weekend we went  to see part of the Urs Fischer retrospective at MOCA as well as A New Sculpturalism which is part of Pacific Standard Time Presents: Modern Architecture in L.A. While walking from one gallery to another at MOCA I walked into an empty gallery space that appeared to have trash bags, then I realized that everything in that space was actually photographs. They were photos of artist Josh Smith’s studio. Most of you who have been following this blog for a while know of my deep appreciation for the ordinary converted into art. As you can see, Nick liked the photos too!

(All photos by me)

Vintage Los Angeles

30 Jan




I’ve said it before, I love L.A. I was born and raised here and I love everything about it. Well, I could do without the traffic but I suppose that’s the price we have to pay for living in a city that always has lovely weather, a multitude of things to do,  as well as the ocean, mountains and the desert only a drive away, albeit often times a drive full of traffic. Although the city is always changing, I love hearing stories from my parents about the Los Angeles they knew, the one where the tallest building in downtown was City Hall and where traffic was a rare sight. As with everything from the past, there’s always a feeling  of romanticism attached to the things that we did not experience or see for ourselves, which is why I like these vintage postcards so much. You can see more here. Do you live in Los Angeles or have you visited? What do you think of it?

(Images via LAist)

Date Spots in Los Angeles

15 Jan


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Although there are a lot of  single people in Los Angeles, it is often difficult to meet one to date. Add to that the fact that the city is so widespread, and that a different area code from your own makes a relationship an automatic long-distance one, well,  matters are made worse! Yet, when a romantic connection is  made, and all the stars finally align, the next thing is to decide where to go to on a date! According to How About We… a website where members post ideas on where  to go to on  dates, the major hot spots  in Los Angeles are the Santa Monica Pier, Griffith Observatory (number one and two, respectively) as well as  LACMA, The Getty and Chateau Marmont. I’ll admit, Nick and I have been to all of those places on dates too!  If you live in L.A., have you taken that special someone to any of these places ? And if you live elsewhere, what are the  popular date spots to go to where you live?

(Photos by me, from top to bottom: Santa Monica Pier, Griffith Observatory, The Getty and LACMA.)

A Day at the Museum.

2 Jan

Picture 011

Picture 006

Picture 009

Picture 026

Picture 017

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Picture 007

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Picture 028

My holidays were great and I truly and fully enjoyed my break.  It always takes me by surprise how quickly vacation ends! But now it’s back to reality and back to work!

This past weekend Nick and I went to LACMA and saw the Stanley Kubrick exhibition which was quite impressive and extensive. I highly recommend it.  We also saw Bodies and Shadows: Caravaggio and His Legacy, works by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio and other artists whose work was influenced by him. On view were also Robert Mapplethorpe: XYZ  and Walter De Maria: The Sculpture 2000. I absolutely loved The Sculpture 2000. Here are photos I took  from our day. I hope you enjoy them. If you live in the L.A. area, I suggest you check out all these exhibitions!

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