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Architectural Ballet Photos

19 Jul


One of my clients is a ballet company, so I am somewhat immersed in the world of ballet, which isn’t a bad thing to be immersed in at all! As a result, I keep tabs on ballet related news and the other day, I came across this and other photos by Kyle Forman, former New York City Ballet corps de ballet dancer, who has turned into a photographer. His photos show various dancers from New York in different architectural settings, which is not the way most photographers photograph them and which makes Forman’s images unique and interesting to look at.

You can see more photos included in a video here, however,  if you’re in Massachusetts, you can see Forman’s exhibit, Bodies/Buildings at Jacob’s Pillow Dance.

(Photo by Kyle Forman via Vanity Fair)


Art Portraits Taking Selfies

11 Nov

museumofselfies1Have you seen the Museum of Selfies Tumblr? It was started by Danish art director Olivia Muus. She began the blog by taking photos of old painted portraits and placing her smartphone in front of them in the National Gallery in Denmark,  making it appear as though the portraits were taking selfies. Now, she is compiling a collection of photographs from other people and adding them to the blog. The phones really give a whole new perspective to the works.  I definitely think the next time I visit a museum I will do that too, with no flash, of course! You can see more photos and make your own submission here.

(Photo by Ny Carlsberg Glyptoktek via Museum of Selfies)

Paris Views

3 Nov


When I saw these photos by Gail Albert Halaban, I wanted to see more! I’ve always been fascinated by the ordinary in people’s lives, especially as it pertains to  domestic life. I like to see how people choose to decorate their homes and why they choose the items they do. I also wonder what their lives are  like behind closed doors and who they really are when they’re at home because that’s where our truest selves comes to life.

These photos, though staged by  Halaban and  the subjects in their homes, capture domestic scenes which we are all familiar with. They reminded me of my last visit to Paris and the apartment windows I used to sneak glances into  from across the apartment we stayed in. I wonder if the people across the building from us looked at us, and if they did, what they might’ve  thought we were like. What assumptions, if any, did they make about Nick and me? Could they tell we were Americans who were visiting, or did they think we were also inhabitants of Paris, just like them?

It’s fun to wonder and if you want to see more everyday domestic scenes or purchase the  book,  which includes these and other photos, you can do so here.

(Photos by Gail Albert Halaban via PetaPixel)

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