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Before Going to Sleep…

22 Feb


Do you practice a nighttime ritual? I do. It involves some of the same things which I suspect yours does, if you have one. I wash my face, brush my teeth, lather night cream on my face and read a book for about 45 minutes to an hour. I’m currently reading this. Recently, I’ve added one other thing, I started to use a 5 minute meditation app. It’s great, it gets me in a total state of relaxation. While I am very fortunate in that it  has never taken me very long to fall (and stay) asleep, this app has made my sleep even more deep and I love it! I suspect it’s how babies sleep before waking up crying off the top of their lungs to be fed or changed.

Before I discovered this app, I would close my eyes and think  of places where I feel happy and relaxed at (see the photo above) then I would begin to drift off to sleep after a few minutes. Now, I simply start knocking out even before the 5 minute meditation is  over! You should try it, especially if you have trouble falling asleep. I also recommend this one. Sweet dreams tonight.

(Photo by me)



18 Jun


A lot of people who know me see stripes, and immediately think of me. You see, I have a bit of an obsession with striped clothing, particularly striped shirts. I’ve had this love affair with striped shirts since I was a girl, and I think it’s only grown deeper as I’ve gotten older.

I am not much of a pattern-wearing kind of woman, I have always preferred solid color clothing, and stripes, especially beautiful striped shirts. I buy them for myself ( I have lost count of how many I own), I buy them for other people, I wear them and I pin them. I just can’t get enough of them! So, when I saw  the various ways to wear striped shirts in Elle, I felt absolutely compelled to share it.

If you own one or many striped shirts, you can see more photos on how to style your stripes here.

(Photos via Elle)

Dinner Menus

17 Jun

Now that I work from home and that I don’t have to sit in traffic for hours, I have more time to cook! I love cooking, it not only relaxes me, but  it always makes for a nice transition from work to home life. Now that everything is at home, it’s even more important for me to break my day up in ways that help me differentiate work from home.

However, sometimes thinking of what to make for dinner can be challenging, especially if it’s been a long day of meetings and deadlines. On those days, I either turn to my recipe books or Pinterest for ideas, but sometimes looking through so many recipes just makes me hungrier! So, I just signed up for Blue Apron’s free weekly dinner menus.

We eat mostly vegetarian meals (no red meat at all and occasionally chicken and fish) but I think some of the non-meat recipes will make it easier for me to decide on what to make, on days when all I want is to prepare a quick meal! Have you tried any of Blue Apron’s recipes, or do you simply turn to cookbooks for inspiration when you need dinner ideas?

(Image via Blue Apron)

A New Beginning

7 Jan


I think of every day as an opportunity for a new beginning, a clean slate of sorts, but the onset of a new year definitely makes that more poignant.  For me, that’s especially true this year since Christmas came wrapped in the form of a  new job. After a long time of working at an art museum and learning a lot, I felt it was time for new challenges, and I have accepted a post at a performing arts center here in Southern California. That’s the reason it has been pretty quiet here. I was wrapping up things at the museum while preparing for the holidays and then actually enjoying them with family and friends.

I will continue working in marketing and communications, and am very excited to embark on a new professional adventure! Although I will admit, while I am excited, I am also a little nervous. Every time I embark on something new I tend to get a little nervous but I think that’s  a good thing to feel, at least I think so now. When I was younger, change was very difficult for me, it was never a pleasant experience but I eventually learned to accept that change is the only real constant in life and embraced it along with whatever it brought with it, especially when it was a change I personally decided to make.

This change is one I had been wanting to make for some time but the right opportunity  had not presented itself, until now. It was simply time for something new, I wanted to  expand my career. When I was a teenager I always hoped to be involved in the arts somehow and I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to continue working in an industry I am passionate about. While I may be a little nervous, I am definitely more excited to learn new things.

I hope this year is filled with great new adventures for you, whether they come in the form of a new job or new discoveries about yourself!

(Photo by James Balston via Apartment Therapy as seen on Heart Home.)

Airplane Windows

23 Oct


I love traveling but I have a huge fear of flying. Although, I always say that my love for travel is greater than my fear of  flying! However, flying really does create a lot of anxiety in me and when I have plans to travel by plane, the angst begins to start creeping in little by little a few weeks before.

Almost as soon as I buy my tickets, I start practicing relaxation techniques by imagining myself on the plane! I also make sure to read as much information as possible  on the safety of planes versus other modes of transportation. While that works, at home, the minute I get on the plane my anxiety kicks in and everything I’ve read and practiced becomes irrelevant!

On the day I am going to travel, it is guaranteed that I will feel nauseous, guaranteed! This feeling continues at the airport and inside the plane. Once the plane begins  taxing on the runway, my palms, which never sweat, begin to get balmy and my heart begins to race. By the time the plane actually takes off, I am a total mess. I close my eyes, pray,  take deep breaths and hold on to a rosary one of my grandmothers gave me when I was a little girl. Eventually, I do calm down, a little bit, especially if there is no turbulence,but I always wish I was one of those people who  look happily out the window (by the way, I never sit by the window, I always have an aisle seat) or who fall asleep.I don’t do either, ever, not even on a transcontinental flight. I am simply never 100% comfortable on a plane.

So, when I saw these paintings by Jim Darling of airplane windows showing sceneries outside, it really made me wish I liked window seats. I imagine if I was one of those fearless flyers, I would look wistfully outside and daydream while not caring that the plane was 35,000 feet up in the air, even if there was turbulence.Maybe one day!

(Image credit: Jim Darling via Anthology Magazine)


8 Jul

photo-23I didn’t realize how long I’ve been away, until now! Work and life took over. I had started writing weekly posts on specific themes here as a way to write more regularly, but the level of demand at work this past spring was at an all time high and I was often unable to even think of topics to post about!  When you add  personal obligations and simply the need for me time, to that equation, I was finding I didn’t have a whole lot of energy left for posting here at all. However, since this is a hobby, I have decided to take it easy with it while making  more regular appearances.

Now, what have you been up to? I had the last five days off and it was great! I love having time to relax and extra time to do the things I like, and I got to do a lot of that these last few days. I got to spend extra time with family, saw exhibitions I’d been wanting to see,  engaged in a bit of retail therapy and ate great food. Most importantly, I got to sleep in!!Sometimes a staycation can be just as good as going away!

(Photo by me)


Hello Monday!

21 Apr


I exercise regularly and I try to  eat as healthy as possible, and while I follow this regimen Monday-Saturday, I give myself  a “cheat day” on Sunday.On Mondays, everything starts up again. However, it seems that I am not alone in doing that because a new report says that most of us start thinking about being healthy on Monday! If the truth be known, I am not a fan of exercise at all but I do it because  it gives me extra energy. So, I encourage you to kick-start your week with an extra dose of healthy and see if it makes a difference for you. For me, any amount of exercise combined with  healthy eating, gives me the energy to make it through the week! What are some healthy habits that you practice?

(Image via They All Hate Us)

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