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Happy (Belated) New Year!

1 Feb

cinema paradiso

January has come and gone and it flew by, as did the amount of time since I last posted here. A lot has happened since July but I’ll leave the catching up for another day. Today, I am interested in knowing what your favorite movies are. Yesterday was a rainy and very windy day, and I proclaimed it a “lazy day.” I spent it reading and catching up on DVR recordings, as well as updating my Netflix queue.

Earlier in the day I had come across a list of critics’ choices for the top 250 films of all time and while some of my favorites were included such as The Godfather, Parts I & II, Los Olvidados and Annie Hall there were many movies, I’d never heard of that seemed worth watching. While I love films and have many favorites, my absolute all time favorite is Cinema Paradiso. I’ve seen it more times than I care to admit!

What are some of your favorites?

(Image via IMDb)


Oscar de la Renta

21 Oct


I was saddened to hear the news of the passing of legendary fashion designer Oscar de la Renta. He was so elegant, like his clothes. Whenever I read or saw an interview with him,  I got the sense that he was a true gentleman, in every sense of the word.

(Photo via The Wall Street Journal)

National Clean Off Your Desk Day

13 Jan


Today is National  Clean Off Your Desk Day! I never knew such a day existed, did you? I typically try to keep my desk neat and organized but sometimes it starts looking like a paper jungle and it takes me a while to get it in order. However, I find I can focus and concentrate best when my desk is neatly organized which is why I try to clean it  every day before I go home from work.  So, here’s to cleaning off our desks!

(Image via Pinterest)

Flowers are Powerful

16 Apr

2010-08-06 2010-08-06 001 009We already know that most people enjoy receiving flowers but a  Rutgers University study determined that the givers of flowers are perceived as likable, friendly and emotionally intelligent. In addition, they are also regarded as highly caring, trustworthy, loving, successful and they are seen as people who value achievement and beauty.  So, don’t hesitate to give someone flowers, not only will you make them happy  but you will also be perceived as being lovely yourself!

(Photo by me of flowers at my local farmer’s market)

Happy Valentine’s Day

14 Feb

Have a lovely day!

Pinterest Friday

1 Feb




Happy February! I can’t believe how quickly January flew by and how much I got done last month, which may explain why I feel in need of a mini-vacation already! What are you doing this weekend?  I am going to the LA Art Book Fair tomorrow and on Sunday Nick and I are having an anti-Super Bowl party, which will simply include  him and me and yummy food! ;) Have a great weekend and I hope you enjoy my favorite pins from this week, I couldn’t help but include the black kitty one. Remember, click on the link and it’ll take you to its original source.

Pinterest Friday

4 Jan




I’ve decided to start a new feature every Friday called Pinterest Friday where I will include a few of my favorite pins from each week. If you click on the image it will take you to the pin and you will see the original source. You can also find these pins on my Pinterest boards! I hope you enjoy the images I will post.

I also hope you have a great weekend. What are you doing? I have a few girlfriends coming over for dinner tomorrow and then on Sunday the wait is over….Downton Abbey is finally back on!!! I am officially going back to loving Sundays again!

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