Vacation State of Mind

24 Jun


Summer is officially here but for a few weeks now, I have been daydreaming about being on vacation! These photos of some of the most expensive hotels in the world, have taken my daydreaming to a whole new level! You can see more here. If money were no object, which one would you stay at?

(Photos via Vogue Australia. First photo: Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris from $1603, second photo: La Réserve, Ramatuelle, Cote d’Azur from $1760)



18 Jun


A lot of people who know me see stripes, and immediately think of me. You see, I have a bit of an obsession with striped clothing, particularly striped shirts. I’ve had this love affair with striped shirts since I was a girl, and I think it’s only grown deeper as I’ve gotten older.

I am not much of a pattern-wearing kind of woman, I have always preferred solid color clothing, and stripes, especially beautiful striped shirts. I buy them for myself ( I have lost count of how many I own), I buy them for other people, I wear them and I pin them. I just can’t get enough of them! So, when I saw  the various ways to wear striped shirts in Elle, I felt absolutely compelled to share it.

If you own one or many striped shirts, you can see more photos on how to style your stripes here.

(Photos via Elle)

Dinner Menus

17 Jun

Now that I work from home and that I don’t have to sit in traffic for hours, I have more time to cook! I love cooking, it not only relaxes me, but  it always makes for a nice transition from work to home life. Now that everything is at home, it’s even more important for me to break my day up in ways that help me differentiate work from home.

However, sometimes thinking of what to make for dinner can be challenging, especially if it’s been a long day of meetings and deadlines. On those days, I either turn to my recipe books or Pinterest for ideas, but sometimes looking through so many recipes just makes me hungrier! So, I just signed up for Blue Apron’s free weekly dinner menus.

We eat mostly vegetarian meals (no red meat at all and occasionally chicken and fish) but I think some of the non-meat recipes will make it easier for me to decide on what to make, on days when all I want is to prepare a quick meal! Have you tried any of Blue Apron’s recipes, or do you simply turn to cookbooks for inspiration when you need dinner ideas?

(Image via Blue Apron)


15 Jun


The last time I posted here was a little over six months ago. Since then, a lot has happened. In January, I shared how I had accepted a job offer at a theater here in Southern California, however,  I am no longer working there. A lot of good opportunities presented themselves to me while I was there, and I decided to leave and begin working for myself as an independent marketing and communications strategic consultant.

This is something I have been wanting to do for a very long time, since I was a kid really,  and am glad that I have the opportunity to do it now. I’d always done the occasional freelance project here and there, but this is a whole new career path and I love it!I am still working in the nonprofit sector, and mostly with arts organizations, but I am also doing work for small businesses.

The decision to leave the comfort of a “regular” job was not one I made lightly. However, after giving it much thought and discussing it at length with Nicholas, we both felt at this point in time, it was a good choice to make. I’ve been doing this full-time now for the last two months and while in some ways it is more work, the flexibility is great. I hope the first half of this year has been a good one for you!

If you’d like, you can take a peek at my website here.

A New Beginning

7 Jan


I think of every day as an opportunity for a new beginning, a clean slate of sorts, but the onset of a new year definitely makes that more poignant.  For me, that’s especially true this year since Christmas came wrapped in the form of a  new job. After a long time of working at an art museum and learning a lot, I felt it was time for new challenges, and I have accepted a post at a performing arts center here in Southern California. That’s the reason it has been pretty quiet here. I was wrapping up things at the museum while preparing for the holidays and then actually enjoying them with family and friends.

I will continue working in marketing and communications, and am very excited to embark on a new professional adventure! Although I will admit, while I am excited, I am also a little nervous. Every time I embark on something new I tend to get a little nervous but I think that’s  a good thing to feel, at least I think so now. When I was younger, change was very difficult for me, it was never a pleasant experience but I eventually learned to accept that change is the only real constant in life and embraced it along with whatever it brought with it, especially when it was a change I personally decided to make.

This change is one I had been wanting to make for some time but the right opportunity  had not presented itself, until now. It was simply time for something new, I wanted to  expand my career. When I was a teenager I always hoped to be involved in the arts somehow and I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to continue working in an industry I am passionate about. While I may be a little nervous, I am definitely more excited to learn new things.

I hope this year is filled with great new adventures for you, whether they come in the form of a new job or new discoveries about yourself!

(Photo by James Balston via Apartment Therapy as seen on Heart Home.)

Happy Thanksgiving!

27 Nov




Happy Day to all of you! I came across artist Hannah Rothstein’s interpretation of how different artists would prepare  Thanksgiving dinner, and I love what she did. I think I may ask my three year-old nephew if he wants to recreate the third photo, Jackson Pollack! If you want to be inspired to create your own work of art with today’s Thanksgiving meal, you can see more photos here.

(Photos by Hannah Rothstein. First: Mondrian, second: Picasso and third: Pollack)

Polo Necks

24 Nov


Now that the weather is getting cooler, well, at least everywhere else in the U.S. except here in Southern California, it’s time to start layering and bundling up. However, because the temperature can be tricky here in the fall and winter, it can get cold but not freezing cold, it can sometimes be difficult to find something  to wear that is warm yet not uncomfortably warm and still chic. Luckily, polo necks (i.e. turtlenecks, roll necks) are having an it moment and they are pretty versatile too because you can wear them alone or layer them. Will you add more polo necks into your wardrobe this year? You can see more ways to wear them here.

(Image via Paris Vogue)

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