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Marriage Equality for All!

26 Jun


This is indeed, a great historic day!


Mass Wedding Ceremony

19 Feb



Although I am enjoying planning my wedding, it is a lot of work and there are a multitude of details that need to be considered. I wonder if the 3,500 couples who got married in a mass wedding ceremony in Korea at the Unification Church at Cheongshim Peace World Centre, felt it was an easier route to take when thinking about the way they would get married.  Granted, it’s not a very personalized way to go, but at least they didn’t have to worry about everything that goes into planning the ceremony and the reception! Would you consider getting married in a mass wedding ceremony?

(Images  by Kim Hong-Ji for Reuters via Yahoo)

Happy Valentine’s Day

14 Feb

Have a lovely day!

Cinema Paradiso

11 Feb





About a week ago my favorite film of all time was on television, Cinema Paradiso.  If you haven’t seen it, I can’t recommend it enough. It would make a great movie to watch on Valentine’s Day! It’s beautiful and deals with  the different types of love we all experience but at the core is friendship and that first all consuming first love. I have seen it more times than I care to admit and there are certain scenes that always make me cry without fail, especially the end (video above) which doesn’t give anything away but will move you if you see the entire film. The musical score is also one of the best and equally moving.

I was lucky enough to meet Marco Leonardi, the actor who plays the main character, Salvatore as a teenager, years ago at a restaurant here in L.A.  He was just as lovely in person as he was on the film. Needless to say, I fell in love with the movie even more after meeting him! Have you seen it?

(Images via Google)

10 Most Romantic Works of Art

7 Feb

The Kiss by Gustav Klimt


Valentine’s Day is exactly a week away and Overstockart.com,the online art gallery, has announced this year’s 10 most popular romantic works of art. For the third year in a row, The Kiss by Gustav Klimt is number one. Other works include Star Dancer by Edgar Degas and Fulfillment (The Embrace) by Gustav Klimt as well. The list was compiled by tracking over three million views to the site’s Romantic Gallery and compiling the works that were most clicked on. The full list is below. Is your favorite work included?

1.  The Kiss, Gustav Klimt
2.   Star Dancer, Edgar Degas
3.   Summer Evening, Edward Hopper
4.   The Artist’s Wife, Egon Schiele
5.   When Will you Marry,” Paul Gauguin
6.   Dance in the City, Pierre-Auguste Renoir
7.  Yellow Daisies in a Bowl, Martin Johnson Heade
8.   Boating on the Seine, Pierre-Auguste Renoir
9.   Fulfillment (The Embrace),Gustav Klimt
10.  Street in Venice, John Singer Sargent

(Images  via Overstockart.com, from top to bottom: The Kiss, Gustav Klimt and Star Dancer, Edgar Degas)

Let’s Talk About Love

4 Feb


Love is the greatest mystery of all to me. What exactly makes us love and fall in love. Yes, there have been a multitude of studies on love and many have tried to explain and decipher why and how we fall in love, but how did we even come to name that feeling?! What does love really mean? And why, out of all the people we meet in our lifetime do we only fall in love, true  real love, only once or twice, if we’re lucky? With Valentine’s Day next week, I’m going to sprinkle a few posts about love here and there in the coming days. What are your theories on love?

(Image credit: Amour,2007 by Jérôme Mesnager via Artnet)

Museum of Broken Relationships

7 Jan


I’ve mentioned before that I am drawn to heartbreak…in art. So, when I heard this story I was immediately drawn to wanting to learn more about the Museum of Broken Relationships  in Zagreb, Croatia. People contribute to its collection by donating mementos and anything else they want to from their broken relationships. The premise behind the entire concept of the museum is that in life, society recognizes marriages, graduations and other significant moments through rituals or ceremonies, but none are devoted to the end of love relationships. In allowing people to donate personal belongings, the museum feels it gives the broken-hearted and scorned the opportunity to  go through the ritual of letting go. I’d love to visit it. What do you think? Would you ever consider donating something?

(Image via The Museum of Broken Relationships)

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